News · Updated COVID-19 Athletic Policies and Procedures

Attached are the procedures for the Training room and home events for boys and girls basketball and wrestling.

COVID-19 Athletic Handbook Update


Newark City Schools Athletic Venue Isolation Areas

In addition, if the parent/guardian or child does not feel comfortable traveling with the team, there is a transportation permission for which will allow the parent/guardian to transport the athletes. Fill out the form and return to coach if you choose to transport yourself.

Transportation Permission Form

Athlete Return-to-Play Procedures After COVID-19

In following with OHSAA, NFHS, and OhioHealth standards all Newark City Schools athletes that test positive for COVID-19 will be placed in our COVID-19 Return to Play Protocol.

The following protocol only applies to athletes playing sports with an aerobic component. It does not apply to golf and bowling athletes. It is still highly recommended these athletes seek medical evaluation from a physician, but it is not required for them to complete the full return to play protocol.

• Any athlete that tests positive will be required to refrain from athletic activity for at least 14 days from onset of illness/positive test.

• They must be symptom free for at least 7 days before beginning the return to play protocol/participating in any physical activity.

• Prior to returning to activity the athlete must have a medical evaluation, performed by a physician. This evaluation will determine if the athlete is cleared to begin the gradual return to play process or if they will require further evaluation and/or cardiac testing. Documentation of this evaluation must be turned in the athletic training department.

• If cleared by a physician the athlete will begin a graded return to play/activity under the guidance of a Newark Athletic Trainer. This return to play process will take at least 8 days.

A detailed description of this plan will be communicated with the athlete and parent/guardian prior to the start. Please use the attached document when you see your physician and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.



Jeff Quackenbush